PAST WORK 2013-1997 > Interconnected Series


I am driven by the idea that the web of life is an inter-connected system. From molecules to atoms everything is structurally made of the same “stuff”. I construct forms that are comprised of multiple interdependent parts. In the piece “Rest” the suspension system will collapse when out of balance and each steel cable is not properly engaged. Furthermore, the “molecules”, rings, and random collected bits offer us the opportunity see and feel what we are made of. A bracelet of “molecules” sliding over the hand is a glimpse into what that might actually feel like, and a necklace of rubies extending off the neck suggests the view an electron has as it travels through the air and into a body.

I extend the physical boundary of objects to show that what we see is not fixed. In fact the eye offers us a perspective that is both incomplete and subjective. From a distance some of my work looks solid while some disappears. Up close, however, the grid structure and “molecules” are see-through and multi-layered. My imagination wants to see the molecules that make up forms. Of course this is impossible and so my desire drives my indulgence to create what I cannot see.